Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Annual Timber Cottage Week

Timber is having its first annual Timber Cottage Week this week. The tentative program is

Day 1. Noon. Opening ceremony, and welcome talk by Johan Nordlander. Subject of the day is formulating the historical background (Johan N) and overall goals that will go into the research plan (Per + open discussion).

Attendees: Johan Nordlander, Per Lindgren, Pawel Pietrzak, Martin Kero, Jimmie Wiklander, Simon Aittamaa, Johan Eriksson, Peter Mustel.

Day 2. Fresh air session before lunch. After lunch we will be joined by Andrey and Viktor. Subject of the day is the formal underpinning of the real-time semantics (Viktor/Johan N). We will discuss how this ties into (traditional) scheduling theory (Simon SRP + Pawel Bound T + open discussion), and dynamic memory management (Kero). Formulate research agenda for semantics and scheduling.

Day 3. First subject of the day is an overview of the Timber type system as of today (Johan N), and what is planned for the future, together with a brief overview of the anatomy of the Timber compiler, what is done at different passes, what information is available at each stage, current code rewriting, and options for code analysis and optimization. We will have an open discussion on the future plans for the Timber compiler.

Fresh air session!

Second subject of the day is component based design in the setting of the reactive paradigm of Timber (Jimmie + Andrey). We will also discuss Timberprogramming and the possibility to express real-time programming patterns. Peter Mustel will give an industrial perspective and state of the art.

Day 4. Continued discussions from Day 3. The discussions will be be condensed into a research plan for systems modeling and implementation using Timber together with a plan for further development of the Timber compiler.

Andrey and Viktor will leave for LuleƄ after lunch, others continue with a fresh air session. In the evening we will gather, detailing a release plan for the Timber tool suite, involving build system, ports to embedded platforms (Simon + Johan E).

Day 5. Wrap up of the week, concluding remarks by Johan N + Per L. We all head home, with a clear agenda, fresh ideas awaiting next years 2nd Annual Timber Cottage Week.

Friday, February 20, 2009

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